TAWCS is an emergency management application that is designed to enhance state emergency management agencies capability and capacity to maintain public safety.

TAWCS can complement Australian State Governments emergency agencies current response management plan. The platform enables multiple agency operational deployment in accordance with current emergency management principles. The platform can also operate in a single agency response mode.  The platform is designed to meet legislative requirements of Government agencies encompassing transparency and governance. 

TAWCS enables strategic transparency and state emergency services response to emergencies across other state and territory governments and local governments. The platform enables information sharing between emergency response jurisdictions in real time mode, where a jurisdiction has enabled the platform.

Through the mobile app which can be enabled for the public to download via their mobile devices which will allow all state emergency agencies on the TAWCS platform to clearly relay crucial emergency related information to the public from the one platform. This includes early warning messaging, alert notifications, display exact locations of evacuation refuge centres.

TAWCS uses the latest technology to enable State Emergency Services to perform the following:

  • Provide an easily accessible mobile application to the public to receive crucial emergency information and instructions from specific emergency services across multiple emergency situations eg: Fire, Flooding, Severe Weather.