Public Features

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Emergency Pulse

Send personal distress notifications instantly from anywhere in the world.

My Circle

Create friend and family contact circles for distress notifications and instant locationing.

Safe Zones

Create personal safe zones anywhere in the world to automatically notify you when loved ones enter and leave locations.

Commercial Safe Zones

Hundreds of Shopping Centres, Movie Theaters, Workplaces and Entertainment Precincts have partnered with TAWCS. When you enter one of these Commercial Safe Zones, you will automatically be sent an invitation to register for Social Safety and recieve emergency information in the circumstance of an unlikely emergency event.

Social Safety

Hundreds of businesses have chosen tawcs to safeguard their businesses and assist Health Authorities in COVID -19 outbreak tracing.


Tawcs Eventspace promotes businesses events to the public and showcases promotions and events throughout the thousands of tawcs users locally, nationally and internationally. 

Many of these businesses have chosen to make their locations commercial safe zones, which promotes social safety for their customers.